Covert Video

Covert video refers to using hidden cameras and other recording devices to record events taking place that may be of a criminal nature or to spy on someone, such as a cheating spouse. These video cameras can be placed in locations where even someone familiar with the home or office would never even know they are there. Other types of video cameras for covert operations look just like a cell phone or could even de disguised as a button or hidden in the frame of a pair of eyeglasses.

Some of the ways in which covert video cameras can be disguised in ordinary items include:

These are used for occasions when the person conducting the covert operation has to move around from one place to another during the course of the investigation and wants to record meetings that take place.

A button camera, for example, operates on a 9-volt battery and the top of the button actually screws onto the camera. Like all other covert video cameras, it is multifunctional in that it gives you several different types of cameras in one. Such a camera is only tiny, measuring about 1.25 inches x 1 inch x ½ inch. A pen camera is completely wireless and you can write with it so that it doesn’t attract attention. It has a built-in transmitter and when you want to view the video, you can attach it directly to a TV or other device that plays videos.

Stationary video cameras can be disguised as a clock on a shelf or other objects. A clock for example, does look just like a normal clock and keeps time. These video recorders have digital imaging, stop and play features as well as the date and time stamped on the video.

When you want to choose a covert video camera, you should look at all the various types available. You do need one that is suited for the job you have to do. Cheapest is not always the best route to take for your purchase unless you are severely hampered by your budget. The best route is to buy a camera that is already hidden inside an object, so that your purchase is not obvious.